Photograph Album
Thomas M. Raysor
Thomas and
                Cornelia Raysor
Widely believed to be
Rev. Dr. Thomas M. Raysor & Cornelia Ayer Raysor

Source:  The Frank Wannamaker Raysor history of the Raysor family

For many years, the couple depicted in the portraits above have been widely accepted as those of Thomas M. Raysor, son of Thomas Raysor, Sr. of  Barnwell County, South Carolina.  I have no reason to doubt that.  I do believe that at least ONE Thomas Raysor portrait below has been mislabeled.  Since  family history may passed down verbally through families, and photographs may be mislabeled by well meaning historians, I do not want to make any assumptions.

Senator Thomas M. Raysor
The photograph ABOVE is labeled in the Frank W. Raysor family history as as Senator Thomas M. Raysor, Sr of Barnwell County (land later became part of the newly formed Bamberg County, South Carolina), son of Michael Raysor and Eleanor Risher, and father of Rev. Dr. Thomas M. Raysor, Jr.

The photograph BELOW is labeled as Dr. Thomas M. Raysor, Jr., son of Thomas M. Raysor, Sr.
Thomas Raysor
While I see a family resemblance in the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth, it is difficult for me to believe that this man is the same man in the first photograph as being Thomas M. Raysor, Jr, married to Cornelia Ayer Raysor.  Our noses and ears get larger with age, but the nose in this portrait is vastly different from the first photograph.   My hunch is that the portraits of the couple may be  Thomas M. Raysor, Sr. and Hannah Stokes Raysor, and the the individual photographs of Thomas M. Raysor and Rev. Thomas M. Raysor, Jr. are switched.

If anyone has evidence of dates and identities, I'd love to hear from you!

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