Early Raysor Documents Related to
South Carolina


This is a list of early known South Carolina documents mentioning the Raysor name, or variations of the name.  It does not draw any conclusions. 

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From the research of Frank W. Raysor:

The 1790 Census of South Carolina shows a "Michal Razor" household  in Charleston District, St. Bartholomew's Parish, with two white males over 16, and two white females.  The 1790 census for South Carolina may be viewed online at http://www2.census.gov/prod2/decennial/1790.htm

The 1800 Census of Colleton County, South Carolina, Vol. 2-174,  shows the Michael Rasor household with two white males 16-26; one white male 45 or over; three white females 16-26; one white female 45 and over.  (Frank Raysor believes that this represents Michael Raysor, Jr. and Eleanor Risher Raysor living with his parents after marriage).

According to Frank Raysor, the 1820 Census of Colleton County does not list any Raysor or similar name.

Thornhill's Genealogy says that Michael Angelo Raysor came from Wales and settled in St. Bartholomew's Parish, South Carolina.  However, many family members have understood for years that their ancestors were of German descent.   Did they really come to South Carolina from New Bern, North Carolina?

From the

South Carolina Department of History & Archives


October 20, 1772
Michael Razor
Pool of Petit Jurors

Michael Razor
Judgement Roll, William Somarsall VS Michael Razor

March 10, 1786
James Thompson
Plat for 100 acres on Little Wolf Creek, Charleston District, (Michael Razor indexed)

March 28, 1786
Michael Raysor
Plat -100 acres on Woolf Creek, Charleton District

December 8, 1786
Michael Peters
Plat - 542 acres on east side of Jones Swamp, Charleston District; (Raysor indexed, no first name)

December 9, 1786
Michael Raysor
Plat for 520 acres on Wolf Creek, Charleston District, surveyed by William Hudson

February 1, 1787
Michael Raysor
Plat for 160 acres on northest side of Island Creek, Charleston District

February 7. 1787
John Miller
Plat for 142 acres on Woolf Creek (Raysor indexed, no first name)

February 15, 1787
Michael Razor
Plat for 187 acres on Jones Swamp, Charleston District

May 1789
Michael Razor
Summary Process Roll, Michael Razor VS. William Miles, Exor. of Abraham Clayton

July 28, 1791
Michael Razor
Michael Razor VS Samuel Evans and Mary Starks Evans, Judgement Roll.

August 28, 1793
Robert Goodloe Harper and James Thompson, Jr.
Plat for 1,000 acres on Island Creek, Charleston District, surveyed 1788  (Michael Rasor indexed)

October 3, 1793
William Robison
Plat for 491 acres on Fork of Jones Swamp and Woolf Creek, Charleston District (Michael Rasor indexed)

May 22, 1794
David Coalter
Plat for 1,000 acres between Island Creek and Jones Swamp, Charleston District (Michael Rasor indexed)

October 16, 1798
Michael Razor
Robert Pringle VS Michael Razor, Jr., Summary Process Roll

October 31, 1805
Thomas Gaskins
Plat for 46 acres on Wolf Creek of Ashepoo River, Colleton district, surved 1802 (Michael Rasor indexed)

January 3, 1806
Lewis O'Briant
Plat for 100 acres on Wolf Creek of Ashepoo River, Colleton District (Michael Rasor indexed)

February 10, 1810
Catherine Bonnau Spencer
Plat for 127 acres between Island Creek and Jones Swamp, Colleton District, surveyed 1806 (Capt. Rasor indexed)

September 11, 1813
Reuben Dew
Plat for 130 acres on Ashepoo River, Colleton District, surveyed by Benjamin Bruton 1817 (Michael Rasor indexed).

November 24, 1815
Peter Loper
Plat for 177 acres near Jones Swamp, Saint Bartholomews Parish, Colleton District (Michael Raysor indexed)

March 13, 1819
William Guthery
Plat for 346 acres in Colleton District (Michael Raysor indexed)

April 19, 1825
Michael Raysor
Property Tax Return for 3,278 acres and 37 slaves in St. Bartholomews Parish, Colleton District.

March 10, 1817
John Heape, Sr.
Plat for 61 acres on Tenants Branch, Prince Williams Parish, Beaufort District

Does anyone know this person???


Appears as Surveyor of plats in Colleton and Charleston  Districts  from 1817 through 1825.  He also appears in petitions as Clerk of Court for Colleton District.

January 19, 1827
Thomas Raysor
Plat for 500 acres on Half Way Bay, Colleton District.  Surveyed by David Walker. 

February 1, 1831
Peter Stokes
Plat for 630 acres on Island Creek, Saint Bartholmews Parish, Colleton District, surveyed by William O'Bryan. (Thomas Raysor indexed).

December 16, 1828
Thomas Razor
Joint Committee On Accounts

December 15, 1831
Thomas Raysor
Joint Committee On Accounts


November 25, 1824
Committee of Privileges and Elections Report
Saint Bartholomews Parish, Colleton District

Committee on Public Buildings Reports (many)

April 13, 1825
Tax Return for 300 acres in Saint Bartholomews Parish, Colleton District

June 22, 1833
Judgement roll, Andrew A. Lovegreen VS Abel P. Collins and James Raysor


July 30, 1831
Alfred Raysor and John S. Murray
Plat for 978 acres on Sassafrass Bay, St. Bartholomews Parish, Colleton District, surveyed by David Murray.


WILLIAM RASOR BELL - 1785, Camden District

JAMES RASOR - Abbeville District, 1821 Will.  Indexed are Sally Rasor, Ezekial Rasor, Permilea Rasor


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