James S. Walker Cemetery
Jefferson County, South Carolina

Chuck Bennett visited the historic Walker Cemetery in March, 2001 with a gentleman from Valdosta, Charlie Powers.   John Michael Raysor, Sr. was a Colonel in the Home Guard.  It is believed that Alfred Raysor was the son of John M. Raysor, Sr.

The directions to the cemetery are as follows.
Exit I-10 and head north on CR 257 until you get to Blue Lake road (just before you get to the railroad tracks in Aucilla), turn right, take a left on Thomas road and follow it until it becomes a dirt road, this road looks as if it is a private road. Stop when you come to  fence gates on both the left and right side of the road. Enter the gate on the right side of the road and you will see a stand of oak trees in a fenced in area at the top  of the hill.  When you get to the top of the hill you will be at the cemetery and about 500 yards away is I-10.     There could be a lot of graves here, but only a few are marked. Some are
only a mound of bricks.

Per Chuck, "The cemetery grounds are in good shape but all the  original headstones are missing.  He (Mr Powers)  had a map of what he thinks was the plantation and we toured it, we found an old structure that could have been owned by John. One of the locals said that Ted Turner, aka billionaire, is buying a piece of it and all the land around the area."

Alfred Raysor
Col. John M. Raysor
Captain James Walker (believed to be the brother of Mary Ann Walker Raysor)


  John M. Raysor b: May 23, 1812 in Colleton County,  SC d: September 10, 1863 in Jefferson County, FL
.............  +Mary Ann Walker b: Abt 1819 d: July 20, 1898 in Atlanta, Georgia

  Alfred Raysor b: Abt 1846 in Jefferson County, FL; Enlisted in Aucilla Guards   November 28, 1861;
  Paroled  at Tallahassee, FL May 15, 1865.