From Colleton County, SC to Jefferson and Madison Co, FL

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This tally sheet  is just an effort to sort out the Walker families who migrated from Colleton County, South Carolina to Jefferson County, Florida, 1830's to 1850's. .  This has been going on for some time now, with no end in sight!   Jump in here if you have any insight! Pat Sabin 

Of the second generation of Raysors, REBECCA RAYSOR married DAVID WALKER.  They were in Colleton County, South Carolina at the time of the 1850 census, and are believed to have migrated to Jefferson County, Florida in the early to mid-1850's.   JOHN MICHAEL RAYSOR married MARY ANN WALKER in Colleton County, South Carolina.  Based on the places of birth of their children, they married about 1839, and migrated to Jefferson County, Florida 1845-1846.

In the Isham Walker Family Cemetery in Colleton County, SC, are buried three children named in the David Walker-Rebecca Raysor family Bible and assumed to be their children:

1.  Isham Walker, April 11, 1831- Dec. 14, 1833
2.  David Edwin Walker, September 4, 1835 - Nov. 30, 1848
3.  Laura Walker, Nov. 3, 1840 - May 2, 1842

Also buried there is an Isham N. Walker, b. Dec. 3, 1813, d. June 4, 1848.  He is believed to be the first husband of Jane Caroline Stokes who married, second, her sister's widower, George Raysor.

The elder Walkers,who are buried here:

Isham Walker, b. Feb. 5, 1777, d. Oct. 9, 1848
Wife: Martha Walker, b. April 29, 1779, d. Mar. 8, 1838

Obviously, there is a connection between David Walker (who married Rebecca Raysor), Isham N. Walker, and Isham and Martha Walker.   Charles Armstrong Walker, II, believes that the Isham and Martha Walker had the following children:  David, Isham N., Mary, and Martha Ann.

"Cemeteries of Upper Colleton County, South Carolina" attaches the following children to Isham Walker, Sr. and Martha Walker:

1.  Isham David Walker, b. April 20, 1812, d. June 27, 1872, buried (unmarked?) in Isham David Walker Family Cemetery, Colleton Co, SC. He
     supposedly married Sarah Elizabeth Saunders, b. Jan 6, 1823, d. Mary 25, 1883.

2.  Rev. George W. Walker (b. 1818-1878), married Martha Carter, b. 1816. Buried George W. Walker grave, near Lodge, Colleton Co, S.C.
3.  Dr. J. B. Walker (b. August 1, 1814, d. Oct. 31, 1848), buried near Lodge, Colleton Co, S.C.

They may be confusing two Isham Walkers in the same area at the same time.  The book doesn't even speculate on the identities of Isham N. Walker and the children, Isham, David, and Laura, buried in the Isham Walker Family Cemetery.    

Isham Walker who was born in 1769 and married Mary (possibly Carter), appears to have been the father of Little Berry "Berry"Walker and Joel Walker, and Isham Walker, Jr. There are several 1800-1817 deeds for land on the Little Saltketchee River in Colleton County which involve this family group, and some indexed as G. Walker and J. Walker. These individuals may have migrated to Georgia and Florida and still be indexed in deeds in Colleton District after their migration.  Later deeds index an "Isham Walker"who may be Isham N. Walker. One deed is indexed as Isham N. Walker.  Source:

An Alexander Walker appears as a surveyor on Colleton County, Charleston District deeds as early as 1786, in St. Bartholomew and St. Paul Parishes.  Daniel Walker is indexed in deeds as early as 1802.  David Walker and Daniel Walker appear as surveyors in Colleton County deeds of the 1819-1840's. Are David and Daniel related?  David appears in almost every Walker group (as does Isham), but Daniel is not common in later generations.   George Walker is indexed in a deed of 1816 of Hell Hole Branch and Willow Swamp.  Subsequent public records in the 1840's-50's for Colleton County name Abram Walker, William A. Walker, Isham Walker, Charles Walker, and George Walker.

A John M. Raysor deed of December 3, 1844 for 2,120 acres on McCunes Branch and Willow Swamp, Colleton District, S.C., is surveyed by Daniel Walker, surveying property belonging to Theadore Smyly.  Indexed are:  John M. Raysor, Daniel Walker, Isaac John, J. W. Carter, William Walker, David Walker, R. Kirkland, Isham Walker, Theadore Smyley.  

Locations in this deed:  Colleton District, Willow Swamp, McCunes Branch, Little Salkehatchie River, Schoolhouse Branch, Burnt Bay, Hell Hole Branch.   You may refer to the 1825 Mills Atlas of Colleton County which shows these places in the western part of the county (click on top left thumbnail map).  Use your BACK button to return here.

Based on Bible records, Census records, Cemetery transcriptions, and family "legend" and research, it seems very likely that MARY ANN WALKER  who married JOHN M. RAYSOR is related to, and probably is the sister of, JAMES S. WALKER who also was born in SC and lived next door in Jefferson County, Florida. 

Are they related to DAVID WALKER who married REBECCA RAYSOR, and are they related to the other WALKERS from Colleton County, South Carolina who migrated to Jefferson County and Madison Counties in Florida?

This ISHAM WALKER outline contradicts the information of the Upper Colleton Cemetery book, and I'll take full responsibility for any mistakes contained here. It is pure speculation.  However, this is what may be part of Isham and Martha Walker's family tree:

1      ISHAM WALKER   b: February 05, 1777    d: October 09, 1848 in Colleton District,  SC;  Burial: Isham Walker Family Cemetery       
..      +Martha    b: April 29, 1779    d: March 08, 1838 in Colleton District,  SC      Burial: Isham Walker Family Cemetery       
.    2      DAVID WALKER   b: September 01, 1803 in Colleton District,  SC    d: October 29, 1871 in Nash, Jefferson County, FL;  
             Burial: Jefferson County, FL       
.....        +Rebecca Raysor    b: September 15, 1806 in Colleton District,  SC;   d: October 27, 1883 in Nash, Jefferson County, FL;  Father: Michael
               Raysor ;  Mother: Eleanor Risher    m: June 28, 1827 in Colleton County,  SC ;   Burial: Jefferson County, FL       

.   2       ISHAM N. WALKER   b: December 23, 1813 in Colleton District,  SC    d: June 04, 1848 in Colleton District,  SC                           
             Burial: Isham Walker Family Cemetery, Colleton Co, SC       
.....        +Jane Caroline Stokes    b: December 18, 1818 in Colleton District, South Carolina    d: June 09, 1904 in South Carolina   
              Father: Peter Stokes    Mother: Elizabeth Lawford    m: Bef. 1835    Fact 1: Buried Appleby M.E. Church Cemetery, St. George           
              South Carolina.  Jane was the second wife of George Raysor, Sr. who 1st married her sister, Anne Sisson Stokes.  Another sister,
              Hannah Stokes, married Thomas Raysor, Sr. 
...2.........WILLIAM WALKER


Page 433
Isham Walker
One male 15-20
One male 20-30
One male 30-40
One male 40-50
One male 50-60
One female 5-10
One female 10-15
One female 50-60
Next Door:
William Walker
Two males under 5
One male 20-30
Two females under 5
One female 20-30
Next Door:
David Walker
2 males under 5
One male 20-30
One female 20-30
***I think this is our David
who married Rebecca Raysor***

Page 434
Peter Walker
1 male 30-40
1 female 20-30
1 female 40-50
Next Door:
Chesley Boltwrights
(spelled Boatwright in 1850)
one male under 5
one male 5-10
one male 15-20
one male 60-70
(no females)
Next Door:
John B. Boltwrights
(Boatwright in 1850)
one male under 5
one male 20-30
one female under 5
one female 20-30

Page 434 (not adjacent to above)
Isaac (?) Walker, one male, 50-60

Page 435
George Walker
One male 5-10
Two males 10-15
One male 15-20
One male 50-60
One female 40-50
George Walker, Jr.
One male 20-30
One female 20-30
Berry Walker
Three males 15-20
One male 20-30
One male 50-60

Page 436
Daniel Walker
One male 5-10
One male 40-50
Three females 15-20
One female 20-30
One female 40-50


  1850 Census- Colleton County, SC

REBECCA RAYSOR, b. about 1806 in Colleton District, SC., m. DAVID WALKER, b. abt 1803   in Colleton Dist. They appear in the Colleton Co census of 1850 living in the same area as   George Raysor, Sr and Alfred Raysor, Sr. David and Rebecca Walker probably migrated to Jefferson County, Florida at   the same time as Alfred and Barbara M. Raysor, in the mid-1850's.

St. Barthomews Parish
Page 193A
DAVID WALKER, 47, farmer
Rebecca 44 (Rebecca Raysor)
George R,  22 student
Michael ,  20 student
Eleanor A.,  17
Mary R,  15
Alfred W, 17
Hannah R., 8
James,  6
John I., 4

Margaret Walker, 72, $1000 value-real estate
R. D. Walker, 30

Wm. Walker, 48
Elizabeth, 43
Charles G. (?), 26
Mary, 18
Caroline, 7
Rebecca, 16
Henry W., 13
Jane C., 7
Ann, 7
Emily, 6
Sarah, 4

Isham Walker, 37
Sarah E., 26
John, 11
Celia, 8
Albert, 6
Joseph, 1

Next Door:
George Walker, 40
Martha, 34
James, 14
Mary, 12
Berry, 10
Malinda, 9
Elizabeth, 7
Celia, 5
Jane, 4
Victoria, 2
Eli, 9 mo

Next Door:
Abram Walker, 37
Sarah, 35
Alexander, 5
Henry, 3

Christiana Walker, 47, living with James White family.

Daniel Walker, 31
Sephathia (?), 26
Jas. Daniel, 8
Ann, 4
Caroline, 2

Edwin Walker, 27
Rebecca, 18
Ellen, 1
(also in this house, Bailin Benton,50, male; Philip, 30, Jane, 6, Abram, 5, Julia, 1)

**According to C. Moye Padgett, quoted in "Cemeteries of Upper Colleton County, South Carolina," p. 207, Isham David Walker, Sr., was born April 20, 1812, d. June 27, 1872. He married Sarah Elizabeth Saunders.   Dr. J. B. Walker, b. Aug. 1, 1814, d. Oct. 31, 1848.  Grave depicted on page 287 of "Cemeteries of Upper Colleton County, South Carolina".

   1850 Census - Jefferson Co, FL

  JOHN M. RAYSOR (brother of Rebecca), b. May 18, 1812 in Colleton Dist, SC; m. MARY ANN WALKER, b. about 1819 in Colleton District, SC. Based on   the places of birth of their children, they appear to have migrated to Jeffereson County, Florida, along with the family of James S. Walker,  around 1846. John Michael Raysor is shown as owning 6,000 acres of land in Jefferson County, FL in 1850.

Household # 157
  JOHN M. RAYSOR,  38, Farmer, 6,000 acres, SC
  Mary A., 31, SC (Mary Ann WALKER)
  Ellen 10, SC
  John M. 9 , SC
  George D. 7 , SC (George David)
  Edgar H. 5 , SC (Edgar Haskell)
  Alfred 4 , FL
  Mary A 2 , FL
  James T Infant, FL

  Household #158
  JAMES S. WALKER 39, farmer, 4,600 acres, SC
  Elizabeth C. 34 , SC
  George 12 , SC
  Sarah E. 10 , SC
  Albert I. 8 , SC
  Ann M. 6 , SC
  Louis M. 4 , FL
  Mary R. 1, FL

The following may be connected to JOEL WALKER and Elizabeth Carter, said to have been born 1765, son of Isham Walker, Sr., died abt. 1837 in Jefferson County, Florida:

Household #177
JESSE WALKER, 50, farmer, SC
Elizabeth,52,  SC
Henry, 26, SC
James I., 23, SC
William A., 20, FL
Jane E., 18, FL ?
Joseph, 16, FL
George, 14, FL
Archibald J., 12, FL
David, 8, FL

Household #178
ISAAC N. LAMB, 28, farmer, NC
Narcissa, 25, SC (Narcissa Caroline WALKER)
John B, 2, FL
Lucretia, 6 mos., FL

Household #186
Mary A., 20  SC (Mary Ann Kinsey?)
Jessee, 13 (male), FL
Joel, 11, FL
William J., 9, FL
Mary J., 6, FL

Household #192
JOEL WALKER, 27, farmer, 1,080 acres, SC
Elizabeth A., 26, SC
Jane M., 6, FL
Sarah E., 4, FL
Margaret A., 2, FL
George B., 6 mos, FL

Household #193
DAVID WALKER, 31, farmer, 1,080 acres, SC
Caroline, 20, GA
Sarah E., 5, FL
Stephen I., 4, FL

Colleton Co SC, 1825 Mills Atlas

Jefferson Co Florida
Madison Co Florida
Historic Maps of South Carolina and the Southeast - Univ. of Alabama


Disclaimer:  Please note that I am just the webmaster.  I am not a Walker descendent, nor do I know without doubt how all the South Carolina to Florida Walker families are connected.  I will post comments as I receive them, and will let readers draw their own conclusions. P. Sabin

October 2007

The children of Joel and Elizabeth Carter Walker were:
There were 5 Joel's in the family. Besides the two mentioned above there were:
Joel E. was the son of Littleberry.  He married  Amanda Sledge Lightsey (widow of John Lightsey, son of Jane and Stephen)  John died
       during WBS in  Md. His second wife was Mary Louisa Harp McClellan. (My gg aunt)
Joel E. was not the brother of William Berry.(son of Jesse)
Joel E.'s older brother was Jesse Allen Walker.  There were several  more siblings.
Joel Miller Walker
Joel P Walker
Jesse and James were the first deacons of Elizabeth Baptist  Church.
The original Joel died in late 1838.  The surviving siblings deeded  the land to Berry (Littleberry) Walker.  He set aside 2 acres for the  cemetery. 
Sometimes the cemetery is called the Lightsey Cemetery, but it should be Walker-Lightsey.

The second cemetery located in the "Elizabeth Community" is The Elizabeth Cemetery, NOT connected to the Elizabeth Baptist Church. There was a Primitive Baptist Church located adjacent to the  cemetery. The land for the cemetery was donated by David Jones Hamrick, a  member of the primitive church.  The Hamrick's were original members of the primitive church, where the Walker's were members of Elizabeth Baptist.
In one of the letters listed on the site, there is a reference to info on  the Elizabeth Church history, stating that James S Walker was one of the founders.   THAT IS
INCORRECT!  The info regarding this was handed out at a Homecoming a  few years ago and I was there when it happened and tried to prevent it!  I  knew
it was incorrect, but was not believed!  James S. Walker was not even in  Jefferson County at the time the church was founded. If you go back to the 1840 and 
1850 census, he had children born in SC during that time frame.
George Berry Walker was the son of Joel Walker and Ann Elizabeth Howell Walker.
He was married to Emma Clayton. 
The connection between the Walkers and Bishops is this: Delilah Walker, daughter of James and Elizabeth P. Walker, married Martin Bishop.  They had 12 children.
Anita Collins 
Monticello, Florida
User356332 AT

January 1, 2006
This is one of the Walker Lines in Jefferson County, Florida.
Joel Walker  married Elizabeth Carter in SC. They moved to Echols  County, GA prior to the move to Jefferson County.  In fact, several of the boys moved here 
before they did. Elizabeth was the daughter of Jacob Carter.  The Carters are plentiful  in Echols and Lowndes County, GA.

Their children:
William Berry was the son of Jesse.  He Married Caroline  Lightsey.  Their son,  Steve Campbell Walker was my husband's grandfather.  He married first,  Ida
Hamrick, they had two daughters, Marie and Florrie.  He then married Dona Clark  Gaston and had one son, Steve, Jr.   W.B. and Caroline are buried at the 
Walker-Lightsey Cemetery.
Joel E.Walker was the son of Littleberry  He married Amanda Sledge  Lightsey first.She was the widow of John Lightsey, son of Jane and Stephen.
Next he married Mary Louisa Harp McClellan, daughter of  Augustus C.  Harp and Martha Ann Elizabeth St. John Harp. Uncle Joel and Aunt Lou are  buried
at the Elizabeth Cemetery.  I have a copy of her obit.  His head  stone is incorrect. He died in 1922.  His son, James, is buried next to him. ( Amanda was  his
Joel, Sr died in Jefferson County sometime between Oct 1837 and Jan 1838. Probate affidavits were filed in the JC records in Jan 1838.  A  doctor's
receipt showed the Dr. seeing Joel's wife in Aug of 1837.  Only 1 entry for  her. The land belonging to Joel was divided between the children and they deeded 
it to Littleberry.  The land is located near the Walker-Lightsey  Cemetery.
When Jesse A. Walker died, the obit said he was buried in the Walker  Cemetery where his father (Littleberry) donated 2 acres for a cemetery.
The Elizabeth Baptist Church was founded by Jesse and James Walker, not  James Sanders Walker.  That information was given out at a homecoming many years ago  and it was NOT correct.  I haven't found the connection between James Sanders Walker  and  the family  of Joel Walker.  James Sanders Walker lived South of Aucilla.   The Joel Walker family lived about 4 miles north of Aucilla. 
Hope this helps,
Anita Collins  Ccflorida005 AT
Monticello, Florida

August 10, 2005
The Daniel Walker household shown on the 1850 Colleton County census is whom I believe would be my husband's 3rd great grandfather.  I have nothing on who
his parents may be but your sharing the Walkers in the 1850 Colleton census and their households helps clue me in on who he was living near.  Possibly the
best chance at finding out just where this Daniel fits into things there in Colleton.

Besides the three children shown in the 1850 census, two additional sons were born shortly after that time period. One of the sons were a William R. Walker
b. March 1858 who married a Martha A. ? born June 1860. Our direct line is from the son Andrew W. Walker b. Aug. 1853 who married 1) Sarah Herndon b. Mar. 24, 1846 believed to have been a daughter of Holland Herndon and Harriet Blocker.  Andrew W. married 2) Ann Edith R. Bennett b. Apr. 22 1875.

Marlene Walker (Remove AT and insert @)

July 2005
Barbara Puckett reminds that daughter of John M. Raysor and Mary Ann Walker, August Anne Elizabeth Raysor, died in a fire along with her grandmother, Mrs. Walker, on March 12, 1846, in Jefferson County, Florida.  Pat S.

July 2005

I just thought I would add a Walker to the mix, Narcissa Caroline Walker Lamb.

I have been struggling with the relationship of Narcissa and the Walkers of Jefferson and Madison Co Fl for sometime, but believe I have found a link in the 1900 Census of Jefferson Co Fl. that may help to firm up a relationship.  Narcissus V Lamb the youngest daughter of Isaac Newton Lamb and Narcissa Caroline Walker Lamb is listed as a cousin living with a James A. Walker in Aucilla, Jefferson County. James A Walker is the son of James S. Walker.  James Albert Walker was listed in pervious census records while living in his father’s household as Albert and Albert I. The estate papers of James S Walker, which I obtained, have him listed as James Albert Walker as does a military pension request.  Also living near by in the same 1900 census is John B Walker brother of James A. and son
of the same James S Walker.

From this information and the fact that Narcissa's husband Isaac Newton Lamb is buried in the James S Walker Cemetery in Aucilla, Fl is may be reasonable to assume that Narcissa and James S Walker were brother and sister.

Contention by early researchers is Mary A Raysor was also a sister of James S. Walker.  I did find in my search of the 1880 census of Madison County that an Elen Treadwell, the married daughter of John and Mary A.Raysor was living with a D.M. Walker and identified as a niece teaching school.

The estate papers of James S. Walker list D. M. Walker as the initial administrator of his estate first filed in 1867.  Family records of Narcissa have her born in Colleton Co SC.  James A Walker, son of James S. Walker, military pension records list him as being born in Colleton Co S.C.

And additional item of interest found in my research that may add a parent to the mix.  In the 1860 and 1870 census of Madison Co Fl, D M Walker has an Ann Walker as part of his household.  Ann Walker’s age is listed as 74 in 1860 and 84 in 1870.

In the 1850 census of Jefferson County John and Mary A Raysor were living next to James S Walker and family.  Isaac Newton Lamb and Narcissa C.
Walker Lamb were living next door to Jesse Walker and family in the same census.  In the 1860 census of Madison Co FL, Isaac Newton Lamb and
family were living next to D.M. Walker.  

Assumption:  James S Walker: Mary Ann Walker Raysor; Narcissa Caroline Walker Lamb and David M Walker were siblings in that order of birth.
Their mother may well be Ann Walker.  I have no idea who their father is but I am working on it.

I would be interested in any additional information you or other researchers may have that will support or reject my assumptions.

Just a note for anyone unfamiliar with Jefferson and Madison counties, they are adjacent to each other with the Aucilla River as a common border.

Robert N. Thompson
Monticello, Fl  (Remove AT and insert @)

July 2002

I am looking for information on an Isham R. Walker who was born on 27 Jan 1826 in Colleton Co., SC and who moved to Madison Co., FL by 1850. His second wife was Louisa Mathers who married as her first husband George (Raysor) Walker.  They were married 6 Oct. 1872.  He died 4 Jan 1883.

A cousin who recently went to Madison Co., Fl has found some information but we are still trying to find the parents of our Isham R. Walker.  I would appreciate any help with the Walker family.  (Remove AT and insert @)

July 2002

My g-grandfather, Isham R. Walker, was born in Colleton Co., SC in 1826.  We have been unable to prove who his father is.

I am working on land purchases in Madison Co., FL to see what I can discern. An Isham Walker Sr. purchased land in north-central portion of Madison Co in
1836.  Then there is a group of Walkers who purchased land in the south-western section.  Their names include Ann J.C. Walker (1845), Alfred
Walker (1848), David Walker (1848, 1853 & 1855), George M. Walker (1851), Isham R. Walker (1855 - three separate parcels), and Alfred W. Walker
(1859).  These parcels are in the same area and many are adjoining.  There is also a Thomas Walker and an Allen O. Walker nearby, a little further
south and east.

As you know Walker is a common name, and Isham ought to be an uncommon one, but this group of families made it pretty common.  Every branch of this tree
had at least one Isham, and it seems that more often than not they had several!

Blaine Walker

My message to Blaine, July 29, 2002:

Charles Walker who wrote the summary of the David Walker/Rebecca Raysor family of Jefferson Co, FL has David Walker as the son of Isham Walker, Sr.
and Martha Walker.  The cemetery book has a  lone grave of an Isham David Walker, born April 20, 1812,  who, according to contributing family members,
was a son of Isham and Martha Walker.  So we've got an Isham David Walker and a David Walker, supposedly sons of the same parents.

There's also an Isham N. Walker, b. Dec. 23, 1813 and died June 4, 1848, buried in the Isham Walker Cemetery. I'm pretty darned sure he was the first
husband of Jane Caroline Stokes.  They had at least one child, Rebecca Ann Walker,  born 1837, who is buried in the May-Peter Stokes-Raysor Cemetery in
Colleton Co.    Jane's sister Hannah Stokes married Thomas Raysor, Sr (my ancestor).  Her sister, Anne Sisson Stokes, married George Raysor.  When
Anne died, George Raysor married Jane.

Since Isham N. Walker is buried in the same small family plot as Isham Walker, Sr. and Martha Walker, I would have thought he was their son.

Pat Sabin

Other Walker Messages from RootsWeb message board:

Walker Family

Posted by Angila Maxwell <> on Tue, 26 Oct 1999, in response to WALKERs of Jefferson Co
                           Fla, posted by Walter McMillan on Tue, 26 Oct 1999

The little bit of information I have comes from the church history of Elizabeth Baptist Church in Jefferson County. According to their records one of the founders of the church was James Sanders Walker. This James Walker was born in 1802 and was married to Elizabeth Padget in 1827 in Colleton District, South Carolina. He died in 1886 and was buried in the old Walker Cemetery. Records in the Jefferson County Courthouse show that James Walker deeded in 1884 to William B. and Joel E. Walker one acre of land. These three men were all deacons of Elizabeth Baptist Church and were referred to as brothers. Unfortunately the church history did not list any of their children.

I did recognize some of the names of the children of James S. Walker you listed from the Elizabeth Baptist Cemetery list. Under Walkers was: Jesse W. born Dec. 25, 1838, died Dec. 1, 1912 and Isham J. (or J. Isham?) born February 25, 1835, died November 6, 1917.

This is all the information I have, not much, but I do know that George B. Walker is my great-great grandfather. Let me know if
any of this information is useful.

WALKERs of Jefferson Co Fla

 Posted by Walter McMillan <> on Tue, 26 Oct 1999, in response to James Walker, posted by
                               Angila Walker Maxwell on Fri, 30 Jul 1999

                               Surname: Walker, Padget, McMillan, Young

 I am interested in the fact that you believe that Joel E and William B. WALKER were brothers of James

The James that I am interested in was born 1802 in Colleton SC and migrated to Jefferson Co. Fla. In the Jefferson County
Census data there is a second James S. WALKER born in 1811 in SC. They both married wives named Elizabeth but had
different children. My James had the following children. Delilah 1828, Nancy 1830, Joel P. 1832, James Isham 1835, Harriet
1836, Jesse W. 1838, Sarah A. 1841, Annie E. 1844 and my Grandfather Alfred Darius 1850.

I find a Joel E. WALKER born 1839 in the 1850 & 1860 Jefferson Co Fla census but he is the son of Littleberry WALKER
who I believe might be a brother or cousin of my James. Littleberry WALKER born 1812 in SC also had a son William J.
WALKER born 1841. Joel E. WALKER in the 1870 census seems to have married an Amanda born 1832 in Fla.

There is a second Joel WALKER born 1823 in SC who has a son George B. who was 6 month old during the 1850 census.
George B. WALKER seems to show up in the 1900 census as a boarder in the Americus Bishop household.

There is a William B. WALKER born 1840 in the 1850 census but he is the son of Jesse WALKER born 1800 in SC.

Posted by Lynn Davis <> on Thu, 08 Apr 1999, in response to Walker or Padgett,
                             posted by Walter McMillan on Sat, 06 Mar 1999

                                     Surname: Walker, Andrews

Mary Adaline Walker, born in SC in 1822, is a direct ancestor of mine. I believe her father was Jessee Walker, also born in
SC, about 1801. He married Elizabeth ? probably about 1821. Other children were Henry b. 1824, daughter ? b. 1826-1829,
James I. b. 1827. All these children were born in SC. Between 1827-1830 the family emigrated to Jefferson County, FL, and
the following children were born: William A. b. 1830, Jane E. b. 1832, Joseph b. 1834, George B. or M. b. 1837, Archibald
J. b. 1838, William B. b. 1840, and David L. b. 1842. In the 1830 federal census for Jefferson County, FL, Jessee is listed
near Charles and James. I think they might all be brothers. It's likely there is some connection -- please let me know what you
think. Thanks.