Thomas Raysor, Sr.
Family Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths

Thomas Raysor and Miss Hannah Stokes was married on the 9th May 1822 By the Rev. James C. Koger, all of Colleton District So. Ca.


Names and ages of their children


Eliza Eleanor born  8th April 1825 – died 11th Sept. 1847

Thomas                 13  April 1827

Rebecca Caroline “ 20 Feby 1829

Peter Andrew        11 March 1831

Laura     Ann          15 Decer  1832

James William        25 Feby. 1838 – died 3rd Novr 1852


Eliza Eleanor May died 11th Sept. 1847

James William Raysor    3rd Novr 1852


Thomas Raysor, the Father of the above was born on the 23rd December 1797-

The Mother Mrs. Hannah Raysor was born on the 16 August 1807 – and Died on the 22 day of February 1841 – Leaving a bright evidence of her happiness hereafter – God grant it may be well with us all when we are called hence – Thos Raysor


Thomas Raysor and Mrs. Mary Dick was married on the 8th May 1844 – by the Rev. Lucius Bellinger all of Barnwell District. So. Ca.


Thos Raysor Junr M. D. and Cornelia J. Ayer was married on 15 November 1848 – Rebecca C. Raysor was married to Wm C. Moss 14 Feby: 1850 –

Thos was married by Rev. Lucius Bellinger – Rebecca by Wm G. Connor.


Memorandum for Thos Raysor

Michael Raysor   My Father   Died 11th Nov 1829

Eleanor Raysor         Mother          23rd July 1833

Elizabeth Stokes My Wifs Mother  16 January 1822

Peter Stokes                    Father    20 August 1837

Charles L. Stokes Oldes Son of the above 2 March 1838

William Stokes 2d Son                                23 May 1838

Mrs Hannah Raysor Sister to the above    22 Feby 1841

Our Daughter Eliza Eleanor May died   11th Sept. 1847
Leaving two Sons Julias and Thomas May –

Julias A. Borned 21st Decr. 1844 and Thos R May born 29th May 1846


Thomas Raysor Junr M.D. first child was born 18th Septr. 1849 – Named Mary Anna Raysor.

2d Named Hannah Julia was born 26 July 1852


W. C. & R. C. Moss’ 2d child Laura Ann born 17 April 1852 – their first died early –


My Brother James Raysor died the 7 August 1845 in Randolph County Georgia - Thos Raysor


The last record appears to be 1852.  Thomas Raysor, Sr. died  1858.  The original hand written family record is in the Peter A. Raysor file of the Southwest Collection, Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock Texas. 
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