Sunnyside Cemetery
Orangeburg, South Carolina
Sunnyside Cemetery Orangeburg South Carolina

Raysors and Related Family Members

Note:  There are so many near and distant cousins in this cemetery,  I have not tried to name them all.  However, I'd be happy to do a lookup on them.I have a few additional photographs.

Section 1- Plot #20
Thomas Middleton Raysor Grave

Thomas Middleton Raysor
Born May 26, 1859
Died May 3, 1925
(CSA market in lot)
(son of Peter Andrew Raysor)

Section 1, #43
Laura Ann Moss  (Daughter of Rebecca C. Raysor & William C. Moss)
& Charles Glover Dantzler

Raysor Graves Sunnyside Cemetery
Section 1- Plot #55 & 66
Photographed November 2006
Rev. Dr. Thomas M. Raysor Grave
Rev. Dr. Thomas Raysor Grave
Marion C.[Cantey] Raysor
Born Feb. 6, 1868
Died Dec. 1, 1922
(Double Monument with Thomas McTyeire Raysor)
Frances Laird Moore
Born May 9, 1882
Died July 28, 1901
[Rev] Thomas Raysor
Born April 13, 1827
Died Nov. 23, 1896
Susan M. Raysor
Wife of Rev. Thomas Raysor
Born Feb. 13, 1843
Died July 28, 1901
Jane Raysor (no dates) Family maid? Thomas M.[McTyeire] Raysor
Born July 2, 1877
Died Dec. 18, 1913
(Double Monument with Marion C. Raysor)

Section 1- Plot #80
Several descendants of the Caroline Raysor and William Crawford Moss Family

Section 1- Plot #81
John Jones Salley and Hannah Julia Raysor Salley
Hannah Julia [Raysor] Salley
Born July 26, 1851
Died March 22, 1921
John Jones Salley
Born Aug. 12, 1847
Died June 22, 1891
Plus several children and grandchildren