Raysor & Related Family Cemeteries
from the book, Cemeteries of Upper Colleton County, S.C.
Published 1972

According to the book, this cemetery was sometimes called the Easterlin-Shieder-Risher Cemetery, although there are no Easterlin gravestones.  It is on SC Hwy 61 west of Canadys Cross Roads.  See more recent information below.

Row 1

George A. Griffis
He was born June 125th, A. D. 1837
and died January 7th A. D. 1863
in the Hospital at Hardeeville, S. C.   He was a true Patriot for Southern independence

Mary S. H. Shieder
Daughter of Thos. and A. M. Shieder
July 20, 1868
Aug 1, 1871


Row 2

Mary S. Risher***
Feb 24, 1841
Nov 8, 1861
Our Child

Benjamin Risher***
Oct 5, 1805
April 20, 1874

Henry O. Raysor
Son of George and A. S. Raysor
June 27, 1835
April 8, 1836

Mary J. Raysor
Daughter of George and A. S. Raysor
Nov 7, 1845
May 18, 1847

Our Mother
A. S. Raysor
(dates obscured)
Stone erected by devoted children

Our Father
George Raysor
July 19, 1808
Aug 23, 1853
Stone erected by devoted children

***These stones have been removed to the 
Providence Methodist Cemetery near Round O. 

Bev Mott's notes of March 2004:

The highest priority for Raysor/Risher descendants, indeed all of us should be the Raysor Family Cemetery, listed in Upper Colleton as (Shieder, Raysor, Risher Cem). 

This cemetery is extremely important as the only remaining marker of the Raysor Tavern.   The cemetery is located just a few feet from the tavern, remnants of which were located by Dr. J.J. Stokes of Atlanta using the Mills Atlas and a current map overlay. 

It was nearly impossible to locate the cemetery, only  persistence and sheer luck allowed me to locate it at all.  The landmarks have changed since "Cem. of Upper Colleton" was published. There isn't a "clump of bushes", but rather a long stand of mature pines extending from road to precipitous drop to river marsh. (perhaps .4 mile)  I walked the length of these trees several times before seeing through very thick underbrush a slight rise in the land, which appeared to be an unatural berm about 2.5 feet high and longer than I could penetrate. (I followed roughly 40 feet of it, it seemed to go in an L-shape) 

Following this berm required putting on full long sleeves, pants, covering my hair and crawling.  The entire cemetery area is completely covered by a bramble thicket, nearly impenetrable. 

I got photos of the few stones I could find, but was unable to locate all those listed in the Bryan's survey.  They are buried beneath leaves and in too thick brambles for me to find.  Benjamin Risher b. 1805 stone which is listed in the Bryan's survey was fortuitously moved by someone to the Providence Cemetery a few years ago.

Dr. J.J. Stokes had inquired of the landowners for permission to restore the cemetery but permission was denied, around 1996 I believe.  I don't know if the same people own the land.

While we were there, a cadillac pulled into the nearby pasture and watched us for about ten minutes but didn't come near.  Discussing our sitation as trespassers we resigned ouselves to go to jail if necessary to find the information we'd come to retrieve, we didn't stop our work, but waved.  No reciprocal wave from the car.  It rolled away and parked in the driveway of the home directly across 61. 

The Raysor Family Cemetery priorities: 
Deed research on the parcel to find out if the cemetery area was protected in the deeds.
Permission from landowner to restore.
Thorough clean up, possible fencing of area.
Survey - Probing for more stones, graves.

The size of the berm indicates more burials than are visible, and this is the likely burial spot of Michael Raysor and Eleanor Risher.

Robert Williams' helpful notes:

My first attempt to find the cemetery about 5 years ago was a failure.  Drove by the area about four times.  At that time, the area was overgrown with brush and there were several trees.  Also, the trailer Bev mentioned wasn't there at the time.

        A little over three years ago, a trailer was placed about 50 yards to the rear of the cemetery.  A fancy cement drive had been constructed from SC 61 to the trailer, giving the owners access to their home.  Whoever had the trailer installed apparently cleared the land around the cemetery, making it visible from the road.  And a lot easier
to spot.

    My understanding is the current fence around the cemetery had been installed by Lanning Risher a direct descendant of Richard.  The fence had already been crushed at that time I first found the cemetery..  My
impression and that of some other people is the damage had been done by a tree limb or limbs falling on the fence.  The tree or limbs may have fallen on the fence before the land was cleared or while the land was cleared.   I have passed by there a few times since first finding it and have never seen evidence of dogs being kept in the fenced in area.   It would have been impossible anyway due to the condition of the fence.

The tombstones were flat on the ground when I first found the cemetery. That didn't surprise me because on page 525 of the book CEMETRIES OF UPPER COLLETON COUNTY, is a photograph of Mary Risher's tombstone flat on the ground..  The  photograph was taken about 30 years ago.  The Bryans do indicate Richard's stone was upright at the time.  It may have been knocked over by the same tree that damaged the fence. (Keep in mind
Hugo passed through the area in 1989.)   Bev's remark that the other two tombstones were upright during her visit is an indication that someone must be keeping an eye on the cemetery.  The three tombstones are that of Richard, his widow Mary Huff who outlived her husband by 67 years, and their daughter Harriet Risher Jacques.  (Harriet was first married to Fred Jacques, who is buried in the Jacques Cemetery which is over 5 miles to the east of the Risher Cemetery.  Her second husband was Bev's direct ancestor William Benjamin Risher.)

After Mary Huff's death, a grandson Paul Risher purchased the 400 acre Risher farm with the excetion of about an acre that contained the Risher Family Cemetery.  This is the land, the Richard Risher Family Cemetery is on so at one time there were probably more graves nearby.More than likely any indentations in the ground may have been filled in when the land was cleared about 3 years ago.

 Bob Williams

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