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Bert and Maud Raysor Sabin & Family
Sabin and Raysor
This was taken around the spring of 1911 in South Carolina. I'm not sure if this is the William M. Raysor farm, or Bert and Maud's place in Colleton County.  BACK ROW, L-R: Nannie Sevier Sabin (Bert's mother); William R. Sabin (Bert's brother who was murdered the same year in Orangeburg, South Carolina); Unknown lady; Bert Sabin holding Archie; Family Maid?; FRONT ROW, L-R: William Moss Raysor;  Katie Lou Raysor King; Maud Raysor holding Sevier. 

Archie Raysor Sabin contracted polio when he was two.  Maud spent a summer with him at Isle of Palms, hoping that the salt water would benefit him.  He was significantly disabled for the rest of his life, but had a full career, married, and had three sons.

Albert Sevier  "Bert" Sabin's father was born and raised in Naperville, Illinois. His mother was from several pioneer families of East Tennessee.  The Sabin brothers, Bert, Will, and Guy, came to South Carolina in the cypress lumber and related contracting businesses.  Bert met and married local girl, Maud Raysor, of Bamberg County. Guy met and married Louise Koger of the Round O area of Colleton County. Will was still single when he was killed.  Another brother and sister died in their teens.

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