Roy Miller Lilly

Added January 31, 2013.  Roy was an enthusiastic participant in our Raysor family research.  I sent an email to him the other day, and was sad to find his online obituary today.  He'll be missed.  Roy was the son of Augusta Raysor Lilly, the grandson of George David Raysor, and the great-grandson of John M. Raysor of Colleton County, South Carolina and Jefferson County, Florida. 

I'm not including the names of any living family members, but if any of Roy's family would like to contribute old photographs or documents to this site, they would be very welcome.

Pat Sabin

Thomasville Times Enterprise
(Thomasville, Georgia)

June 30, 2012

Roy Miller Lilly
Staff Writer


Memorial services for the Hon. Roy Miller Lilly will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at First United Methodist Church in Thomasville, Georgia. He passed away at home on June 29.

Judge Lilly was born in Quitman, Georgia on May 10, 1919, the youngest child
of H. F. and Augusta Raysor Lilly.  He graduated from Quitman High School in 1936; attended Norman Park Junior College and graduated from Mercer Law School in 1939, afterward taking a job in Thomasville with William W. Alexander and T. Hayward Vann.

During World War II he served in the United States Navy first as a recruiter in Valdosta, and finally aboard the destroyer U.S.S. Woolsey in the Pacific. In 1947 he married Mary Frances Brown of Quitman. After the war, he rejoined Mr. Alexander and Mr. Vann to form the law firm of Alexander, Vann & Lilly where he practiced until 1979 when he was appointed a Superior Court judge in the Southern Judicial Circuit.  He served actively until 1994 when he took senior status.

As a Senior Judge he continued to preside over
cases until 2007 when he fully retired. Judge Lilly was active in First United Methodist Church for more than 60 years where he served as an officer and Sunday School teacher. He
became a Thomasville City Commissioner in 1958; and from 1962 until 1971 was Mayor of Thomasville. In 1963 Judge Lilly was named the man of the year for City of Thomasville. He chaired a number of boards in Thomasville including Commercial Bank, Davis Water & Waste Industries, Archbold Hospital and Thomasville Landmarks.

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