Michael Raysor and Eleanor Risher

Portrait found in Thomas Raysor, Jr's Bible,
believed to be Michael Raysor Sr. or Jr.

    Michael Raysor and Eleanor Risher, daughter of Mary Fontaine and Benjamin Risher,  were born in New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina.  Their families were among many others who relocated to Colleton County, South Carolina in the 1770's-early 1780's.

     According to the research of Francis (Frank) Wannamaker Raysor, a Michael Rasher was paid for Revolutionary War service.  A Michael Rasher and wife Phoeby sold 640 acres of land in Craven County, North Carolina in 1744 and also another 250 acres petitioned for by Michael Raisher in Craven County in 1741.  (See deed book 3, page 33, North Carolina, and Colonial Records of N. C., Vol. IV, page 594).

     According to Colonial Records, Benjamin Risher received pay for military duty in North Carolina in 1771, May 10th, for ten days.  He also received pay for military duty in 1782 in the American Revolution in South Carolina.

     According to Colleton County - as the Postman Saw It, an Act of Congress dated May 11, 1812 authorized a post road from Charleston, by Giveham's Ferry on Edistoo river and from there to Barnwell and by the White Ponds, to Edgefield.  A stage coach line operated over this route between Charleston, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia.  On this post road, at what is the approximate location of the Canadys Post Office, a  post office called Red Bank was established in January of 1815 at Raysor's Tavern (see on 1824 MAP).

     Michael Raysor ran this stage coach stop and served as postmaster from January 1, 1815 until April 18, 1826 when the post office was discontinued.  It was reestablished June 8, 1840 and was maintained by his son, George, until August 19, 1851.  At that point, D. S. Canaday was appointed postmaster of Red Bank, Colleton County, South Carolina. (from research of Dr. John May.)

     Post Revolutionary land grants to Michael Raysor of the Charleston District of South Carolina are listed as follows:

November 6, 1786 100 acres
February 5, 1787 520 acres
March 5, 1787 187 acres
March 5, 1787 160 acres


Book 3 Q - 269.  To Michael Raysor for 100 acres in Charleston District in the fork of Great Swamp and is on Wolf Creek and adjacent ot James Thomson and vacant land.  Cert. 28 March, 1786.  Job Owen D. S.

Book 15 Q - 219.  To Michael Raysor for 520 acres in Charleston District on Wolf Creek and is adjacent to vacant land,       MCants, vacant land, Michael Raysor (on two sides).  Cert. 9 December 1786.  William Hudson D. S.

Book 13 Q - 149.  To Michael Raysor for 160 acres in Charleston District on the NW side of Island Creek and is bounded by vacant land.  Cert. 1 February 1787.  William Hudson D.S.

Book 13 Q - 149.  To Michael Razor for 187 acres in Charleston District and is on Jones Swamp a branch of Ashepoo River and is adjacent to vacant land, William McCants, O'Briants. Cert. 15 February 1787. 

Sources:  Frank Wannamaker Raysor's genealogy of the Raysor Family;  Dr. John May; Colleton County, as the Postman Saw It, copyright 1996 by Robert J. Stets