Frances G. Browning Raysor "Fanny"
Last Will and Testament


State of Texas

County of Washington


Know all ……. By these present, that I, Fanny G. Raysor, being of sound mind , and full …… capacity - do make and constitute this my last will and testament, as follows, towit:


1. I give, bequeath, and devise all my property of whatsoever kind, that I am now possessed of at my death to my two children, viz, William Browning Raysor, and John Lockhart Raysor.


2. I hereby nominate and appoint Paul Montgomery Raysor to be the executor of this my last will and testament, and it is my request and desire that no other action shall be had in the county court in relation to the settlement of my estate than the probating and recording of this my will, and the return of an inventory, appraisement, and list of claims of my estate, and that my said executor shall not be required to give bond (?) as such executor.


3. It is my desire, and I so direct that my said executor shall have charge of my said children, sending them to such school or schools as in his sound desertion (?) may be best for them in attaining an education.  If necessary to complete their education, or to support them during their minority I hereby authorize and empower my said executor to sell any or all of my personal property, but the real property of my estate I desire to be kept in ----until the arrival of both my children at majority, provided however, if it is necessary in order to attain either of said ends, or to pay the indebtedness of my estate outstanding at my death, my said executor may sell such of my real property as will suffice for such purpose.



4. I desire that out of the income of my estate, my husband, P. A. Raysor shall be supported during his life time.


(No # 5)


6. Upon the arrival of both my children at majority, it is my desire that my estate shall be partitioned between them, share and share alike.


In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand at Chappell Hill, in Texas, this the _________ day of April 2nd (this is filled in by another hand) ad. 1889


                                                                        Fannie G. Raysor

                                                                        (also another hand)


L. E. Lockhart

M. J. Matthews (these signatures same as Fannie G. Raysor signature)

There is a letter in this group from nephew, attorney Wm. B. Lockhart, stating that if the will is in her own handwriting, it need not be witnessed, but if she signed the document he sent, it would need two witnesses.


Original Document is in the Southwest Collection of Texas Tech, Lubbock, Texas.


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