David Walker-Rebecca Raysor Walker
Family Bible

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David Walker was 
born Septr 1st 1803

Rebecca Walker his 
wife was born the 
15th of Septr 1806

George Raysor Walker
was born July 26th 1828

Michael Walker
was born the 8th of 
November 1829

Isham Walker was
born the 11th of April

Eleanor Ann Walker
was born 24th of October 1832


David Walker died
the 29 of October 1871
Age 68 years 1 month 29 days

Rebecca Walker died 
the 27 of October 1883
Age 77 years 1 month 12 days

George Raysor Walker
died 2nd day of July 1863

Michael Walker died about 
12th of October 1862

Isham Walker Died
the 14th of Dec 1833
aged 2 years 8 M 3 D *

Eleanor A. Dewitt
died the 12th of September


*Isham Walker is buried in the Isham Walker Cemetery, Colleton County, SC

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Mary Rebecca Walker
was born the 14th of May

David Edwin Walker
was born the 4th of Septr

Alfred William Walker
was born December the 8th

Laura Walker was born
October 3rd 1840

Hannah Raysor Walker
was born August 28th 1842

James Walker
was born July 8th 1844

John Isham Walker was 
born October 1st 1846

Mary R. Walker died
the 26 day of May 1868

David Edwin Walker 
died the 30th of Novr 1848
aged 13 years 2 months 26 days **

Alfred William Walker died September 30th

Laura Walker died the 2nd of
May 1842 Aged 1 year and
7 months***

Hannah Raysor Walker
died the 19 day of December 

James Walker died the
6th day of May 1863

John Isham Walker 
died October 6, 1910
Age 64 years, 6 days

**David Edwin Walker is buried in the Isham Walker Cemetery in Colleton County, SC
***Laura Walker is buried in the Isham Walker Cemetery in Colleton County, SC

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John Raysor was
born 23 May 1812

George Raysor was
born on the 19 July 1808

Alfred Raysor was
22nd of Nov 1804*

Ann Raysor was born 
11th(?) May 1830

G. L. Raysor was
born 14th October 1831

John M. Raysor died
10th of September 1863

George Raysor 23rd
August 1853 - died


*Note:  Alfred's obituary has his year of birth as 1801.

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David Walker
and Rebecca Raysor
was Married the 28th
of June 1827

George R. Walker and
Louisa A. Mathers was
Married 4th of April 1860


W. H. DeWitt
and E. A. Walker
was married the 14 
November 1855

J. J. Walker and 
Hannah R. Walker was
married 14th March 1866

John I. Walker &
Mary V. Hinton
were married the 6 day 
April 1871

The David Walker family Bible is in the possession of Charles Walker, III.
We greatly appreciate his sharing it with us.

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