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Veterans of the War Between the States

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Please note:  This page does not constitute a political statement of any kind.  My ancestor, Rev. Dr. Thomas Raysor, did not fight in the war.   It is simply meant as recognition of these young men, grandsons of Eleanor and Michael Raysor, whose lives were lost or forever changed, and for their families who lost sons, fathers, brothers, and husbands in a tragic war.  The gold starsGold Star are for those who lost their lives during the Civil War.  In the words of singer-song writer, Phil Ochs, "It's always the old who lead us into war, always the young to fall..."

Grandsons of Michael Raysor and Eleanor Risher Raysor

George D. Raysor
Pvt. George D. Raysor, son of John M. Raysor
Aucilla Guards  November 28, 1861.  Reenlisted  in 1862, Florida 5th Infantry, Company G


flagJames M. Raysor, Jr.star
b: Abt 1829; Joined  7th Cavalry G South Carolina;  This company was present at the surrender at Appomattax on April 9, 1865, but James Raysor had died  December 25, 1864 at Point Lookout Federal Military Prison, Maryland,  leaving a widow and four children. His rank at the time of his death is not known at this time.

flagLt. Leonidas M. Raysor 
b: July 12, 1830;   Enlisted as Private May 21, 1861, 8th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Army of Northern Virginia, Chatham County, GA, and was severely wounded at 1st Manassas, Virginia,  July 21, 1861. Recommended February 18, 1862  for promotion to Lieutenancy because of wounds received.  Died after 1915 in Ocala, Florida.

flagCapt. George Washington Raysor
b: Abt 1832 in Colleton County,  SC;  Enlisted as Sergeant  in Colleton County in   5th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment, eventually rising in rank to Captain. d: July 04, 1907 in Walterboro, Colleton County,  SC.

flagCapt. Henry Chalmers Raysor 
b: July 14, 1834 in Colleton County,  SC ; Captain in Confederate Army,  E Company, Calhoun Mounted Men;  Assignment: Chesnut’s Command, Taliaferro’s Brigade, December 1864.   He returned to South Carolina, married twice, and had several children.  He d: August 18, 1918 in Allendale, South Carolina.

flagPvt. Benjamin Stokes Raysor
b: December 4, 1844? ; Enlisted as Private  in Colleton County in 5th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment;  A 1915 letter from his brother, Leonidas, mentions that he was with the 4th SC Cavalry and a courier for Brig. Gen. Dunnivan.  He died April 19, 1871 at St. George, South Carolina.


flagCapt. Peter Andrew Raysor
b: March 11, 1831 in Barnwell District, South Carolina;  Appeared as a student at the South Carolina Military Academy (The Citadel) in the 1850 Census of Charleston, South Carolina; Enlisted as Captain  in Orangeburg County  5th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment ; resigned Aug. 26, 1862; He had married and was widowed with a young son before the war.  He married again in South Carolina, and migrated to Chappell Hill, Montgomery County, Texas. He d: September 11, 1903 in Chappell Hill, TX.


flagLt. George Raysor 
b: Abt 1831; Enlisted in the Aucilla Guards  November 28, 1861.   Here are the remarks beside his name:  2S; Reinlisted CO G, 5th Regiment; P 1L March 62 .


flagPvt. Michael Oliver Raysorstar
b: April 13, 1837; mustered in August 10, 1861, Florida 3rd Infantry Company H,
Monticello, FL.  He was captured in Kentucky and exchanged near Vicksburg in January, 1863.  Read a letter from Michael to his wife, Sallie, February 5, 1863He was severely wounded at Chickamauga, September 20, 1863.  In one of his last letters, he wrote his wife saying, "Oh how I wish I could be at home, but it is no use.  I believe furlough is stoped [sic].  I believe I could run away, but I do not care to do it, but if I am not exchanged [to a Florida hospital] in two or three months, I will."  He was furloughed, but died at home in Jefferson County, Florida, January 27, 1864. His widow, Sarah Johnson Raysor, filed for pension, #A02338. 

flagCapt. Thomas Elijah Raysor
b: January 29, 1841 in South Carolina d: September 23, 1883 in St. George, South Carolina. According to the book, Portraits of Conflict, by Richard B. McCaslin, Thomas E. Raysor graduated from The Citadel in Charleston in 1861, and enlisted at Hilton Head as a lieutenant in Co. H of the 11th South Carolina Infantry. He served throughout the war, sent to Virginia to bolster Hagood's brigade at Richmond. He returned to St. George after the war, and became a successful businessman.  He is buried St. George Cemetery.

flagJohn Christopher Raysor
b:  June 06, 1839, according to the diary of Maj. David Gavin, he  joined Company I,  Palmetto Guards prior to July 1, 1861.  It later became the 2nd South Carolina Infantry;  he died August 189_ (from George Raysor-John May Bible).


flagCol. John M. Raysor
b: May 23, 1812 in Colleton County,  SC, and migrated with his family to Jefferson County, Florida in the 1840's.  He was in charge of Florida State Troops during the war.  He died September 10, 1863 in Jefferson County, FL. See Obituary.

flagSgt. John Michael Raysor, Jr.
b: 1841 in Colleton County,  SC;  Was Sergeant of the Aucilla Guards prior to serving in Company G, 5th Florida Infantry; He served in this company until his right arm was shattered in battle; He was sent home August 5, 1863 and retired to the Invalid Corps. He served in the Enrolling Dept. in Madison, FL for the remainder of the war.  He died April 10, 1908 in Atlanta, Georgia.   See Obituary.

flagPvt. George David Raysor
b: Abt 1843 in Colleton County,  SC.  Enlisted  in Aucilla Guards  November 28, 1861.  Reinlisted  in 1862, Florida 5th Infantry, Company G;   Out April 9, 1865. 

flagCorporal Edgar Haskel Raysorstar
b: Abt 1845 in Colleton County,  SC; Enlisted in  Waculla Co, FL Aucilla Guards as Private
November 28, 1861 in St. Marks;  Had risen to rank of 1st Corporal prior to moving to Company G, 5th Florida Infantry.  He was killed at Antietam, Sharpsburg, Maryland, Sept. 17, 1862 at age 17, occupation: student. 

flagPvt. Alfred Raysor
b: Abt 1846 in Jefferson County, FL; Enlisted in Aucilla Guards   November 28, 1861; Paroled at Tallahassee, FL May 15, 1865.


flag1st Lt. George Raysor Walkerstar
b: July 26, 1828 in Colleton County, SC; Enlisted in Company G, 5th Florida Infantry; d: July 02, 1863 in Battle of Gettysburg, PA, leaving a widow and two young sons.

flagCorporal Michael Walkerstar
b: November 08, 1829 in Colleton District,  SC; Enlisted in Jefferson Rifles, Co. H, 3rd Florida Infantry, Aug. 10, 1861;  d: October 27, 1862 in Red Sulfer Springs Hospital from wounds received in battle.

flagPvt. Alfred William Walkerstar
b: December 08, 1838 in Colleton District,  SC; Joined  Jefferson Rifles, Co. H, 3rd Florida Infantry on August 10, 1861;  d: September 30, 1863 at home in Jefferson County, FL; From his obituary: "A brave and faithful soldier, his death will be deeply regretted by his company.  He had always been a dutiful son and an affectionate brother, and strictly moral in his conduct.  He professed to obtain the pardon of his sins on his death bed, and his last words were, 'The Lord is with me.'" 

flag1st Sgt. James Walkerstar
b: July 08, 1844 in Colleton District,  SC;  Joined Company G, 5th Florida Infantry; d: May 06, 1863 in battle in Richmond, Virginia, according to Charles Walker; There is a James A. Walker listed on the 5th Florida Infantry web page, and it mentions accidental injury.

flagPvt. John Isham Walker
b. Oct. 1, 1846 in Colleton District, SC; Enlisted Company G, 5th Florida Infantry, March 1863; Mustered out April 9, 1865 (listed as Isham J. Walker). Died Oct. 6, 1910 in Jefferson County, Florida.


flagJames Raysor Stokes

b. March 28, 1842 in Colleton District, South Carolina.  D. May 30, 1899. Buried at Live Oak Cemetery, Walterboro, South Carolina.  I have not found any details James's military experience.


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