Abstract of Obituary for Chalmers Raysor 
(No date given)


(Entries in brackets [ ] added by David Bryan)

Chalmers Raysor [son of Leonidas Raysor, and grandson of James Raysor & Elizabeth Sophia Chalmers] was buried Monday, June 7 [no year given] in Greenwood Cemetery in Ocala, Florida, next to his mother and sister [names not given].

The funeral was held from the residence of his brother, Henry Raysor, on South Third Street. He was attended by his father, L.M. Raysor, three brothers -- B.E. Raysor, Henry Raysor, and Clifford Raysor -- and two of his sisters -- Lola Raysor and Victoria Raysor. 

Rev. J. G. Glass of Grace Episcopal Church conducted the funeral service.

*       C.T. Maughs, under whom the deceased worked for a number of years in the express service.
*       Dr. E. Van Hood, his physician
*       Frank Harris, a friend of the family of very long standing
*       Gen. W.W. Harriss, representing the John M. Martin Camp, S.C.V. of which the deceased was a member. [S.C.V. RECORDS NEED TO BE CHECKED FOR A PEDIGREE SHEET ON HIS APPLICATION!]
*       C.S. Cullen
*       A.C. Cobb

The above obit was found among family records. Typically, the obit had been cut out of the newspaper with no reference to a year-of-date at all.

Contributed by David Bryan
Chalmers Raysor was born about 1869, based on census records.  Beverly Mott found some family graves and took photographs of this cemetery.

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